Learning Forward Nebraska is a professional association devoted exclusively to those who work in educator professional development. We help our members leverage the power of professional learning to affect positive and lasting change.

Who We Are

Learning Forward Nebraska is an affiliate of Learning Forward, the largest professional learning membership association worldwide.

Why Join

The membership of Learning Forward Nebraska is composed of teachers, principals, specialists, staff development personnel, directors, professors,and educational consultants. Membership is open to any person from Nebraska who is interested in professional development and the achievement of students.

Learning Opportunities

Skillful leaders in schools, school systems, and other organizations are essential to lead, manage, and facilitate full implementation of the multiple complex reforms occurring today in Nebraska. Teacher leaders, building administrators, district leaders, and others drive the success of any initiative. This program is specifically designed to develop leaders’ capacity to leverage successful change through effective professional learning.

Our Purpose

The Purpose of Learning Forward Nebraska is to leverage the power of professional learning to enhance educational innovation.

Professional Learning

Learning Forward Nebraska will promote professional learning designed around the Learning Forward definition so all students achieve.

Data Driven

Learning Forward Nebraska will use multiple data sources to assess its impact on professional learning practices.

Student Achievement

Learning Forward Nebraska will develop high quality professional learning leaders who will influence professional learning practices and resources so all students will achieve at high levels.

Job Embedded Professional Learning

After 13 years working in the Professional Learning Field- I have learned at least one very important thing.  Teachers learn and implement the learning when they can apply it to their teaching.    Woah!! That is not really a mic drop moment. …

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