Joining Learning Forward Nebraska for me has been a no brainer.  I work in the field of professional development and Learning Forward is THE Professional Learning Organization.  I work with teachers, paras, principals, and superintendents every day – helping, supporting, coaching, teaching, and ok-sometimes cajoling – them to the next level, next step, next improvement/level in their practice.

Learning Forward Nebraska is all about getting better at this craft we call education.  It is about associating myself with like-minded individuals; me getting better at what I do; and using the tools (free in many cases) to help me.  I joined because I saw this as an organization that had momentum and leverage. In our education world- the constant is improvement. School Improvement, Classroom Improvement, Legislative Improvement, Professional(Educator) Improvement.  Learning Forward Nebraska has helped me understand that thinking through the system of professional learning will lead to a change in practice that will affect all students.

So, it is not about the pen or the squeezy ball or the notebook of sticky notes that I got when I joined.  It is about the relationships, the conversations, the planning, the systematizing of our craft of professional learning and knowing that I have a cadre of experts behind me-helping me through it all.  

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